Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally - the after pics

So it's been months since I've been able to find the time to post our final after pics. So long, that in fact, these pictures are quite out of date as the morning glory has completely covered the ground. A little depressing, but nothing that a short stint of goats in the fall can't take care of. We've been trying to get blackberry dug out - in fits and starts. We planted some red-osier dogwood, twinberry and pacific ninebark in some of the wettest spots. I checked down there over the weekend, and everything I found still seemed to be growing - it was pretty surrounded by horsetail, so I cleared some of that and tried to unwind any morning glory growing on them, that is, until I got thrashed by stinging nettles, which sent Triona and I into a speedy retreat.

Now, here are the pictures! Matched pretty closely by Dan.

The apple tree in the background actually blossomed this year (we haven't been able to see it in a few years, so don't know if it has recently). It was beautiful.

It's hard to tell, but the blackberries were up to about the tetherball height - and now it's all knocked down to the ground. You can also see the retaining wall that was previously covered with ivy.

Where once there was an impenetrable wall, you can see down into the ravine

This spot will hopefully be terraced someday so that we can make it easier to get down there.

The lighter area in the back of the after picture is where we've done some planting - I'll be wearing gloves next time!

Thanks for reading our glog - we'll try to post more when/if we make more progress. Still LOTS to do!


Anonymous said...

How long did it take the goats to do all of this? And how many goats did you rent?

The Spruiters said...

8 goats for 2 weeks - it was amazing!