Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meet the Goats

The goats are doing a fantastic job with the brush! Tomorrow we'll post some shots of their progress, but for tonight, we thought we'd introduce everyone.

First two of the pygmies:

Sugar on top and Spice below.

They are very friendly and are the flashiest of the crew.

They are similar looking but can be distinguished by ear color (Spice's are brown and Sugar's are
almost white) and the fact that Spice has horns (hard to see in the picture, but they are there).

Sugar about to start on a new patch of ivy.

This is Delight, a very sweet, larger goat. Delight has been tethered nearest the house and likes to look into Trio and Kali's bedrooms.

Delight working on some of the ivy outside Kalina's window.

Bridget is another one of the pygmies. She is a beautiful fawn color and likes to jump on top of the canoe.

You can see she is doing a nice job on the ivy (there was no ground visible before today).

Here's Obie, one of the bigger goats, working hard as usual.

Another of the larger goats, the goat with no name - or Noname. Noname is kind of a bully and sometimes shoves the other goats and occasionally people. But he makes up for it with a great smile!

Like Sugar and Spice, Google and Goggle are siblings. We don't know which is which (not even the Goat Lady can tell them apart. One has a black front leg - I'm going to say that one is Goggle for now...

Goggle (or is it Google?)

Google (or is it Goggle?)

Google (Goggle?) shows off some fine work on a tree trunk.

So that's the cast of characters - thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for a report on their progress and more pictures.

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